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Towers of York - Auction

"Maze Tower" by Eric Eckert
"Twilight Harvest" by Nicole Mittman
"H2o" by Kami & Kinsley Flynt
"Be More at YC" by Meghan Shruck
"Sunsey in Bloom" by Lacey Stamler
"A Landmark Takes Root" by Mindy Burton
"The Challenge" by Monica Robinson Swerczek
"Legacy" by Keri Kircher
"My Nebraska" by Stacy West-Chos
"In This World" by Emily Petersen
"Pride of the Heartland" by B.J. Sievers
"Old Cigars, Steel Guitars, and Railcars" by Michael Bristol
"Cometas de Colores" by Annie Redfern
"Deep Blue" by Heidi Chapman
"Grainy Mainia" by Cathy Cornish
"The Stained Glass Balloon" by the 5th Grade @ St. Joseph Catholic School
"Growing Towards Greatness by the 7th Grade @ St. Joseph Catholic School
"Rooted in Our Faith" by the 8th Grade @ St. Joseph Catholic School
"Alive in Spirit" by the 3rd Grade @ Emmanuel Faith Lutheran School
"In God's Hands" by the 4th Grade at Emmanuel Faith Lutheran School
"Walking with Jesus" by the 5th Grade @ Emmanuel Faith Lutheran School

Towers of York - Auction

Auction Site:
- York, NE
Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 05:02

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  1. Bob - The Stained Glass Balloon by St. Joseph School - 5th Grade
  2. Alive in the Spirit by Emmanuel Faith Lutheran School - 3rd Grade
  3. Pride of the Heartland by B.J. Sievers
  4. Legacy by Keri Kircher
  5. A Landmark Takes Root by Mindy Burton
  6. The Story of York by YES - Allie Colburn, 4th Grade
  7. My Nebraska by Stacy West-Chos
  8. Maze Tower by Eric Eckert
  9. Walking With Jesus by Emmanuel Faith Lutheran School - 5th Grade
  10. Be More at YC by Meghan Shruck
  11. H2O by Kami & Kinsley Flynt
  12. Growing Towards Greatness by St. Joseph School - 7th Grade
  13. Deep Blue by Heidi Chapman
  14. Shine by YES - Emory Flynt, 5th Grade
  15. The Challenge by Monica Robinson Swerczek
  16. In This World by Emily Petersen
  17. Roberto the Elephant by YES - Lauren Hills, 5th Grade
  18. Grainy Mania by Cathy Cornish
  19. Spring Day by YES - Zoey Eckert, 3rd Grade
  20. Twilight Harvest by Nicole Mittman
  21. In God's Hands by Emmanuel Faith Lutheran School - 4th Grade
  22. Sunset in Bloom by Lacey "Lovelace" Stamler
  23. Rooted in Our Faith by St. Joseph School - 8th Grade
  24. Old Cigars, Steel Guitars and Railcars by Michael Bristol
  25. Cometas de Colores by Anabel


The auction will be on Thursday, October 12th on Lincoln Avenue between 5th & 6th.  The social hour will begin at 5 PM with complimentary appetizers (while supplies last) and there will be cash bar service.  Seven of the Tower artists will have artwork on display inside Yorkshire Playhouse for viewing during the social time.  In addition, Tim & Jaclyn Spivey will provide musical entertainment. Winning bidders can make arrangements with Mitch Doht, City of York Public Works Director for transport of their large Tower.  Shipping costs will be $60 for within the city limits, $100 in York County and outside of York County, costs will be calculated based on time and miles.  Small Towers may be taken that night.  All Towers will need to be delivered by October 26, 2017.

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