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Overland Inventory Reduction Sale

Overland Inventory Reduction Sale

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 10:00
For questions please contact Dan at 402.890.9208


This is an online auction with bidding available on Please direct all inquiries to Ross Ronne @ 402.366.7818. Everything goes! Happy bidding!

Auction Details

  1. Misc electric boxes, fan blower, seat, aluminum 8 bolt couplers, other misc items
  2. New cab air filters, truck & payloader, fleetguard napa, cat volve
  3. Tie down straps, misc bolts, nuts, Dayton wheel lugs – (all used)
  4. Manuel tire machine w/misc breaker ban, highlift jack, air grease barrel pumps, wheel wedges
  5. Engine fan, misc electric motors gear box, steering box, HD electric cord
  6. Truck seat, air pump & motor misc fittings (cooper) electrical 4 way
  7. Misc hyd & rubber hose & yellow bucket fittings
  8. Truck reflectors, new truck air line, used ratch & truck traps
  9. Misc hyd fittings (1” or bigger – newer), shop halogen light bulb newer
  10. (2) air conditioners 110, 110 extord cord, 220 extord, misc wheels, misc wire, wheel studs
  11. Water meter, snap on MT 540 load tester, water hose blue, new winter fronts Kenworth & Mack, Alum couplers
  12. Misc rubber hose (new), napa Cat oil filters, water & coolant filters
  13. (4) truck air seats
  14. (2) pallets misc interior Ford Truck Parts, mirrors, rubber flooring, steering wheels, moldings
  15. 1993 White Ford truck cab doors, dash, wire harness, visor, w/ 2 exterior doors
  16. Misc air line, air cylinders, used cylinders, Mack air valves, misc brade shoes, GFCI portable power outlet
  17. Kenworth mud flaps, 1” old twist air hose, misc hdy line
  18. Used Kenworth radiator cord, shop light assemble, old fray cope – gardener – Denver
  19. Spill containment snakes, truck fam, misc rope, enpac spill containment
  20. (5) HD jackstands – ADJ
  21. Truck fem & clutch, old gearbox, aluminum step
  22. Misc cedar 2x6, 2x8, treated
  23. Mack truck starter (2) transmission, cast air pump
  24. Mack transmission (including truck parts), sledge, misc cords
  25. 12 volt transfer pump, mixed hyd pump, air intake
  26. New belst of all sorts – mack, Kenworth, Volvo
  27. (2) hyd cilinders (newer), load locks newer
  28. (2) load locks ADJ
  29. Exhaust tube flex sted
  30. New (4) bundles guide wires
  31. Vapor lights, aluminum lids, misc pumps, electric boxes
  32. Misc copper line, older water meter, wheels, vbolts
  33. Orange beacon light, cab filters, exhaust tube, elbows
  34. Drive shafts, cat head & parts (engine), grease gun & Parts
  35. Vapor lights, roll of barron nylon, truck mirror
  36. Dela wire feed welder on cart, 250cp w/leads NO TANKS!
  37. Ez-go three wheel golf cart electric w/charger – does run needs batteries, spare tire
  38. (2) comfort cover
  39. Misc 1” red hose, clip boards, sprayer, scale indicator
  40. Misc plugs, wheel weights, ¾ air hose
  41. Metal rolling rack, A frame style, apprx 4’ x 31/2H
  42. Gardner Denver co blower, cast
  43. 10 Sections bil-jax scaffolding newer
  44. Wheels for scaffolding
  45. Poller system wext
  46. Pallex box of hoses, hyd hose
  47. Aluminum stock angle iron, misc flat, several pieces
  48. 4 rolls, rubber belting
  49. (4) hyd tanks
  50. Misc iron, steps, bunker, cylinder
  51. Torch carts (2) one horper
  52. Weather guard side tool box
  53. Welder cart
  54. Reliance electric motor 15HP 250 volt/450
  55. Misc plastic tubing
  56. Air luber & hose reel
  57. Squirrel fan 110
  58. Red parts cabinet (2)
  59. Barrel rack & hyd canister
  60. 25 gallon 12 volt sprayer & tank
  61. Snow fencing, john deere seat, misc fabrin, belting, truck visors
  62. Pulley of all sizes
  63. Wheel hubs, air container, misc iron, spacers
  64. 6” bench grinder, gas cans, connecting rods, chain nuts, bolts, nails
  65. Briggs 5.5hp gas motor, hyd hose, hub, air cylinder
  66. Cement truck parts, motors, hyd pumps, hardware
  67. 6 barrel oil rack w/pump, 30 gal drums
  68. (2) tap & dye sets
  69. Transmission jack w/misc parts
  70. (2) 1” air impacts, lug nuts, studs, hoses, hyd line
  71. Electric ext cord hoses
  72. Homemade tools, bottle jack, misc new parts
  73. Hyd cylinders, drive shaft, axles
  74. Flywheels, cable cutter
  75. Misc cable lines, air bags
  76. Misc bolts, exhaust clamps
  77. Fans, hose reels, pumps, pulleys
  78. Cat oil pans, mack heads, engine parts
  79. Older leaf springs, v-belts, pipe nipples various sizes
  80. Old jacks & stands
  81. Misc steel angle iron, pipe
  82. New oil filters, brass fittings
  83. New napa air filters
  84. Air line, misc tools, misc Rockwell parts, spring
  85. Gasket wood cabinet, 10 drawer
  86. Sand pot
  87. (2) pallets office items, 3m overhead projector, trash cans, misc items
  88. Clausind metal lathe
  89. (3) alum, fuel tanks truck
Auction Terms

Cash or Check with proper id. Visa/Mastercard/Discover accepted. Information in this brochure has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable although its accuracy cannot be guaranteed by the sellers and their agents. We urge prospective buyers to inspect and rely on their own conclusions. Any announcements made the day of auction take precedence over any printed material.