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MAC & Snap On Tool Auction

MAC & Snap On Tool Auction

Auction Site:
2400 N Nebraska Ave - York, NE
Saturday, January 30, 2016 - 10:02

Don't miss out! Immaculate, LARGE selection of Mac & Snap On tools at this auction. More information is to come as there are not only hard tools but power tools, vehicles, various trailers and much more. For information regarding this sale please call Ross Ronne at 402.366.7818.

Auction Details


Mac disc brake caliper set, NIB
Mac hole saw kit, 13pc

Mac metal files

Mac retaining ring / plier set, NIB

Mac long handle screwdriver set, 7pc

Mac socket reducer, 3/ 4”- 1/ 2”

Mac deep well socket set, SAE/Metric

Mac 13pc Torx bit set, T8-T60

(2) Mac Torx socket sets, 1/ 4” & 3/8” drive

(2) Mac Torx T handle sets, SAE/Metric

Mac tube cutters

Mac wheel puller

Snap-On drive ratchets, 1/ 2”, 3/8”, 1/ 4”

Snap-On box end wrench sets, multiple/SAE/Metric

Snap-On bushing driver set, 20pc & 28pc

Snap-On cooling system tester w/ case

Snap-On dead blow hammer, 5pc

Snap-On drill extractor set

Snap-On drive set, 3/8” swivel

Snap-On drywall cutter set

Snap-On impact driver set, 8pc

Snap-On jumper wire set

Snap-On line wrench set, SAE/Metric 7pc

Snap-On nut driver sets

Snap-On open end wrench set, right angle, 1/ 4”- 1 1/ 4”

Snap-On pry bar set, 4pc

Snap-On rethread set, 42pc, SAE/Metric

Snap-On screwdriver set, 7pc

Snap-On screw extractor set, 10pc w/ case

Snap-On screw extractor set, 25pc w/ case

Snap-On side cutters

Snap-On socket reducers, various sizes

Snap-On socket set 1/ 4” drive, deep well SAE/Metric

Snap-On socket set impact, deep well SAE/Metric

(3) Snap-On socket sets, deep well SAE/Metric

(3) Snap-On socket sets, deep well SAE/Metric, black handle

Snap-On soldering gun w/ case

Snap-On tap & die set, metric, NIB

Snap-On tool box, 11 drawer upper

Snap-On tool chest, 15 drawer base w/ 2 shelf extenders

Snap-On torx bit set, 1/ 2” drive socket style, 9pc

Snap-On torx bit set, 8pc

Snap-On wrench set, box & open end, midgets, 10mm-19mm

Snap-On wrench set, box & open end, midgets, 5/16”-1 1/ 4”

Stinger OTC punch & chisel set w/ case

Big Brass punch set, large & small

Blue Point fuel line disconnect set w/ case

Blue Point screw extractor set

Blue Point tap & die

Blue Point wrench set ratchet box end, midgets, 5/16-3/4

Blue Point wrench set ratchet box end, midgets, 6mm-19mm

Craftsman box end wrench sets, multiple / SAE / Metric

Craftsman handy cutters, various sizes

Craftsman swivel head ratchet set, 10mm-19mm

(2) Craftsman tap & die sets, large & small

Craftsman wheel puller

Craftsman wrench set, box & open end, 3/8”-1 1/ 4”

Cummins hammer puller set, 10lb, 9pc

DeWalt sawzall

GearWrench line wrench set, swivel end

GearWrench wrench set, box end ratchet, 1/ 4”-1 1/ 4”

GearWrench wrench set, box end ratchet, 8mm-28mm

GearWrench wrench set, wishbone metric

GearWrench wrench set, wishbone SAE

Genius impact socket set, deep well, 14pc

Hex Pro Allen wrench set, 3/16”-3/8”

Hex Pro Allen wrench set, 3mm-10mm

Hex Pro Torx wrench set

Irwin bolt extractor set, 1/ 2” socket set, 5pc

JD socket set 3/ 4” drive, 22mm-41mm

JD socket set 3/ 4” drive, 7/8”-2 3/8”

Klein 7pc screwdriver set

Master Mechanic wrench set, box & open end, 1-5/16”-2”


NAPA Evercraft 3/ 4” drive socket set, 12pt, 21pc w/ case

(3) NAPA Evercraft wrench sets, crows feet

Pittsburg bearing puller, blind hole w/ case

Pittsburg dead blow hammer, 2pc

Pittsburg pipe wrenches, 18”/24”/36”/48”

Pittsburg vice grips

Precision Instruments torque wrench, 3/ 4” drive NIB

Ridgid pipe cutters, 2” & 18”

Vice grips, various sizes & types

Air impact driver HD, 1” drive

Allen wrench – socket style, large sizes

Bearing race / seal driver kit w/ case

Multiple box & open end wrench sets

Brake tool set – KD

Front end service kit w/ case NIB

Various sizes & types hammers

Various sizes oil filter wrenches

Various O-Ring & pump pliers

Ratchet palm style, 3pc

Old tap & die set

Donco tire hammers / tools, fiberglass

Various wrenches, open & box end, ‘Cutoffs’


Lawn mower trailer, 3’ x 8’

Rebuilt HD 8’ x 16’, tandem axle, new deck & side rails

(2) Chevy S10 pickup box trailers


Central Forge anvil, 110lb

Chicago chain saw sharpener, 120v on stand

(3) DeWalt angle grinders

Mac bench vise, 6” HD

Miller Matic welder, 220V, nice

Pittsburg 14” chop saw

Engine hoist

Dual amp battery tester

Bead blaster tire

Bench grinder w/ stand, 6”

Body repair kit, 4 ton

(2) Bottle jacks 2T & 12T

Floor jack, 2 1/ 4 ton

Propane LB heater 75,000


Propane “K” series torch / welder


Pioneer chain saw P50, 24”, gas

(3) Poulan chain saws, 16”, gas

(3) Cob forks

(5) Pitch forks

(2) Post hole diggers

(4) Potato forks

Shovel – rakes – hoes

(2) Gas weed eaters

(3) Wheel barrows


(2) Delta sanders

Allis Chalmers, tractor hand crank (old)

Delta angle sander

(10) Chain binders 5/16”


Crow bars – pry bars

Elec supplies – wire nuts / outlets / switches

Extension cords

Halogen flood lights

Several wood hand saws

Wood levels, old

Log chains

Log splitter – wedges

(2) Old meat saws

Orbital polisher / wax 120V

Oxygen acetylene hoses, 25’

Ratchet straps

Receiver hitches

Sledge hammers

Steel post drivers

Step ladders / stools


Auctioneers Comments

We have been commissioned by Marv Tuttle to sell this large collection of very nice tools to the highest bidder.  Most tools are in near new condition and used very little, if at all.  Check our website for additional pictures.  Plan to attend and buy the auction way.  Direct all inquiries to auctioneer, Ross Ronne, 402-366-7818.

Auction Terms

Cash or check with proper id.  Visa/MC/Discover accepted.  Information in this brochure has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable although its accuracy cannot be guaranteed by the sellers and their agents.  We urge prospective buyers to inspect and rely on their own conclusions.  Any announcements made day of auction take precedence over any printed material. 

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